Chuffed2Bits Income

Expected Annual Income

Our expected net annual income is about £56,979.36.

(£4,615.28 + £133) * 12 months = £56,979.36

Income Sources

My income is a combination of dividend and salary taken from my IT consulting business totalling about £4,075 monthly. I also have to account for future tax liability of roughly £3,000 per annum or £250 a month. £4,075 less £250 of tax liability is around £3,825 net monthly income.

Income from the UK

Mr. Chuffed2BitsMrs. Chuffed2Bits
Dividends (from Business)£3,125.00£0.00
Tax Liability -£250.00
Combined Monthly Income£4,615.28

Mrs. Chuffed2Bits’ post-tax income is about £790.28 from her part time job. Rental properties in the Philippines under her management are netting roughly P9,000 monthly. This is around £133 a month in passive income with the current exchange rate of P67.50 to £1.00.

Income from the Philippines

Mr. Chuffed2BitsMrs. Chuffed2Bits
Rental Properties₱ 0.00 ₱ 9,000.00

I’m not counting dividends from our stock portfolio for time being as dividends received will be re-invested and should be reflected in the total portfolio value.

So there we have it! That’s all our income sources accounted for.

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