Net Worth Update: May 2019 – £259,561


We’re pleased to report our net worth increased by £10,264 (+4.12%) from £249,297 earlier this month to £259,561.

The rise in our net worth is mainly due British Pound sterling devaluation. GBP declined 2% against the PHP Pesos since our first net worth update. To put it simply, our Philippine assets became more valuable in £ terms.

Assets: £492,900

  • Cash: £34,977. We’re keeping this much cash because we are planning to use up to 3/4 of it to invest in another rental property in the Philippines to meet one of Mrs. C2B’s 2019 goals of £280 monthly rental income, currently at £133 a month.

  • Property Value: £357,805. Our property value in London remained at £320,000. Our properties in the Philippines increased slightly after revaluation with a combined value of about £37,811.

  • Crypto: £5,314. We invested something like £2,000 into crypto currencies at the start of the year. Around mid of this month these cryptos were worth around £5,000, we sold about £1000 worth. Yet they still went up as if we never sold (pure luck perhaps). Proceeds went towards my ISA account.

  • Startup Investments: £28,996. I don’t know whether to include these or not as these are high-risk investments. The majority of these companies were eligible for EIS and SEIS. I was able to claim 30% tax offset on EIS companies and 50% on SEIS companies. Our original investment was around £13,000. Some of our investments are tech companies like JustPark, Monzo and WiseAlpha.

  • ISA : £7,183. Added around £2,000 this month. Some of it came from selling crypto-currencies.
  • SIPP: £54,523. £1,000 automatically added from my IT consulting business every month.
  • Trading Account: £4,102. An experimental small trading account that I’m currently building up. I was able to grow this account from £3000 earlier this year to now £4,102. And about +£252 profit this month, previous month’s value was £3,850.00.

Liabilities: £233,339

  • Property Mortgage: £223,213
  • Personal Loan: £9,729
  • Credit Card: £397

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