Quarterly Net Worth Update: June 2019 – £262,341

Our net worth increased by +1.07% this month to £262,341 from £259,561 in the previous month.

Total Assets: £494,556

Cash: £33,186.

Property Value: £358,221. Our London property is valued at £320,000 while our Philippine properties are valued at £38,221

Crypto: £7,468. Wow we didn’t expect our crypto portfolio to grow 300% this year. We were lucky with a few crypto bets mainly in LTC (Litecoin) and BTC (Bitcoin). An event called Litecoin “halving” will occur around 25th August 2019. This is propelling the Litecoin bull run and most likely people chasing. My knowledge of this space is limited so don’t quote me on this. Halving means the block reward given to miners is halved which reduces the printing of new coins which in turn reduces the inflation.

Startup Investments: £25,549. I’ve written off a few companies that aren’t actively engaging with investors e.g. companies that don’t provide investor updates. This reduced the value of my investments by -16.4% from £28,996 ouch!.

ISA: £9,418. I’ve added £2,000 this month. £1,000 came from my active trading account and £1,000 from our cash savings.

SIPP NAV: £57,309. £1,000 automatically added from my IT consulting business every month.

Trading Account: £3,400. I’ve withdrawn about £1K from my trading account and put the money into my ISA account. Account increased by about +£298 since our last update. Last month’s value less the 1K withdrawn is £3,102.

Total Liabilities: £232,215

  • Property Mortgage: £222,570
  • Personal Loan: £9,438
  • Credit Card: £206

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